In Search of Pedagogy (Jerome S. Bruner)

In Search of Pedagogy, Volumes I & II

The Selected Works of Jerome S. Bruner, 1957-1978 & 1979-2006

cover of In Search of Pedagogy, Volumes I & IIThe Selected Works of Jerome Bruner, 1979-2006

Sobre o livro (AQUI):

Jerome Bruner is one of the best-known and most influential psychologists of the twentieth century. He was one of the key figures in the so called ‘cognitive revolution’ that today dominates psychology around the world – but it is in the field of education that his influence has been especially felt. Bruner helped start the educational reform movement in the USA during the early 1960s and served on the President’s Science Advisory Committee during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. He has since been involved in a variety of educational enterprises, including the founding of Head Start, of which he was a major architect.
‘How one conceives of education’, he wrote, ‘we have finally come to recognize, is a function of how one conceives of the culture and its aims, professed and otherwise.’
In this two volume set, Bruner has selected and assembled his most important writings about education. Each volume begins with a specially written Introduction, which sets the context and introduces the selection. These books are the ultimate guide to Jerome Bruner’s most important and influential work – ideal for both students and academics who want to be able to follow the development of his thinking over his seventy-year career.

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