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Sixth Sense: The Wearable Internet Will Blow Mobile Phones Away

O futuro aqui tão perto…

The Wearable Internet Will Blow Mobile Phones Away

Published: July 20, 2009

Earlier this year
at the TED conference, Pattie Maes from the MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces Group showcased a wearable computing system that allows users to display and interact with the Web on any surface – including the human body. The video shows the system’s main developer, Pranav Mistry, taking photographs with his hand, summoning up Amazon review data onto the cover of a physical book, displaying information about a person he’s just met on their tee-shirt, and calling someone by inputting a phone number onto the palm of his hand. (…)
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“Gates Puts Feynman Lectures Online”

Via twitter, Carlos Santos, descobri isto

csantos Great! RT @rvidal: Bill Gates has bought the rights to lectures by physicist R Feynman and put them online for public AQUI

(…) Microsoft Research announced on Wednesday that Mr. Gates, who purchased the rights to the videos privately from the Feynman estate, BBC and from Cornell University, in cooperation with Curtis Wong, a Microsoft researcher, has created a Web site that is intended to enhance the videos by annotating them with related digital content. (…)

Feynman Video Site

Para quem, como eu, viveu sempre rodeada do universo da Física (pelas mãos do Pai) e se habituou ao nome deste senhor… é uma excelente notícia!

Gever Tulley – Tinkering School: Think, Make, Tinker (a ver… com calma)

Scratch 1.4: já está disponível

Release Notes

We are happy to announce the release of Scratch 1.4. With this new version, you can ask users to input text from the keyboard (using the new “ask” and “answer” blocks), take photos directly from built-in or USB webcams, and control robotics with LEGO® WeDoTM. This version has a more flexible user interface, so that it can work on smaller screens, such as on netbook computers. (…)

Às voltas com o arTICular…

Preparando os mimos para os professores que forem assistir à comunicação e ao workshop no arTICular 2009 (próximo sábado – 4)
Actualizando o site… com informação e documentos de apoio.
Comandos em língua portuguesa
de acordo com a tradução Scratch SAPO-PT



Folheto com ligações…

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